Spinel Mini mini

Spinel Mini mini


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Coffee maker for pads E.S.E 44 mm in stainless steel/black

Spinel Minimini is a high quality and elegant Pads coffee maker, which convinces in design and quality of the coffee.
It fits in every office, bar and restaurant.

The Spinel Minimini is 100% handmade in Italy with high quality and stainless materials and makes first class espresso and coffee cream. Thanks to a patented hydraulic system, calcification is greatly reduced.
Brass pad tray, thermostat 104°, CH plug

Excluded from warranty: Calcification of the coffee machine, wearing parts and vandalism are excluded from the warranty.


Application range: 44 mm single portions of E.S.E. Pads
Warm up time: 2 minutes
Color: Inox satin/black
Guarantee period: 24 months
Housing: stainless steel
Weight: 25 kg
Power: 2 x 600 Watt
Dimensions: W 40 x D 40 x H 43 cm
Programmable filling quantity: Yes
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Stand-by automatic: no
Cup tray: yes (passively heated)
thermostat: 104°
Water tank volume: 5.0 liters
Ideal performance: Up to 100 coffees per hour

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