Barocco 250gr ground

Barocco 250gr ground


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* 250gr ground coffe per package*

Soft and round taste like a true espresso.

Quarta Caffè pays homage to the land of Salento and to its maximum artistic expression dedicating to it a new blend; a triumph of aromas and flavor which conquers the palate with a selection of precious Arabica origin coffee varieties.

Perfect for whoever loves coffee with a complex structure and a delicate and gentle aftertaste.


Quarta Caffè has created a variety of precious blends with which you can make a moka coffee that satisfies the palates and needs of everyone. Strong, robust, full or full-bodied, in coffee pods or decaffeinated, espresso at home is a moment of unbeatable pleasure that no one can resist. The Quarta Caffè blends maintain a fresh intense aroma thanks to the soft packaging and the freshness-saving valve. So our coffee keeps its authentic Quarta flavor intact and continuing to release all of its organoleptic properties.


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